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Metaverse for Business Innovation

Optimizing operations and enabling business interactions in a new digital environment.

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We are the leading metaverse that provides businesses with a cutting-edge platform to drive their innovation and digital transformation initiatives through mixed reality. We offer tailored environments, enriched with advanced features and cutting-edge integrations that fuel growth, competitiveness, and strategic decision-making in the business sphere. Our purpose is to be the catalyst that empowers organizations, opening doors to unexplored futures and redefining user experiences through emerging technologies.

Usage modes in Mettarium

eLearning, Training, and Professional Development Environments

Virtual settings designed to facilitate interactive learning, the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Digital Twins

Virtual representation of places, objects, or business systems, to monitor, simulate, and optimize their operations.

Virtual Stores

Digital replicas of physical stores, for exploration, interaction, and purchasing in a three-dimensional environment.


Interactive virtual settings for showcasing products, services, artworks, prototypes, and more.

Virtual Consultation Spaces

Interactive digital environments suitable for advising, information, or services.

Virtual Worlds Creations

Design and customize interactive and immersive digital environments based on personalized needs.

Features of Mettarium

Customizable Environments:

Create and adapt virtual settings that reflect your brand’s essence, offering flexibility and constant evolution within the metaverse.

Innovative Integrations:

Efficiently connect with leading tools, leveraging integration that boosts innovation and the expansion of your metaverse operations.

Mixed Reality:

Experience a unique fusion of realities, where deep interaction with digital elements redefines immersive experiences.

Strong Security:

Navigate with confidence, knowing every action and data in Mettarium is protected by state-of-the-art protocols and constant updates.

Data-Driven Environment:

We merge data science with our structure, providing real-time insights to improve decision-making and deeply understand interactions within the metaverse.

Advanced Connection and Interaction:

The high level of interaction and networking in our environments enables advanced collaboration, communication, and virtual experience. We transform the way people interact towards new forms of consumption.

Empowered Business Intelligence:

We connect advanced analytics and integrations with BI (Business Intelligence) tools, offering clear and comprehensible visualizations of user behavior, emerging trends, and market opportunities.

“In Mettarium, the boundaries for innovation, interaction, and customization are expandable.”

Brands that expanded their boundaries in Mettarium



Pioneer in Virtual Agricultural Commerce in Mettarium.

Adopting innovation, Mare transferred the essence of its physical agricultural supply stores to the Mettarium metaverse. This virtual replica not only reflects its extensive stock of supplies and enhances the shopping experience, but also amplifies its commercial strategies, establishing itself as a pioneer in the sector… Mare’s next steps include enabling direct purchases within Mettarium with our real currency and advancing the delivery process.

Maria Camila Amortegui, Digital Specialist

We see how Mettarium offers the opportunity to drive digital transformation. For us, it’s interesting to think about activating our products in new contexts and expanding to a wider audience at reduced costs. It’s a dynamic platform. We loved getting to know Mettarium and its approach to new technologies

Juan Carlos Puerta

Mettarium has great potential, which as the TOTTO brand we can explore and start to understand. It’s crucial for us to know the various alternatives for getting involved in the metaverse, and that’s what Mettarium offers.”


Sandra Puerta, Product Manager RED HAT at Licencias Online

Mettarium is a unique and unparalleled experience, where the graphics and user experience stand out. We believe they are pioneers in these types of technologies and many companies will be able to find benefits there, from having their virtual stores, transactional portals, auditoriums for meetings, events, and more. So we invite you to come, learn, and discover much more about this metaverse.”

Adriana Triana, Marketing Manager at Licencias Online

“For me, the experience was innovative—I loved it! I believe it’s a great opportunity for the marketing area to innovate and to showcase from a different perspective. All the benefits and all the applicability it has in the territory and in the entire technology sector.”




How Mettarium solves problems in differents industries?


Reduces the dropout rate by bringing educational models into a mixed reality that enables a more advanced, personalized learning experience with greater social interaction than a virtual class, allowing them to adjust to the new consumption patterns of students.

Beverage and Food

We improve industrial processes that are generating high operating and maintenance costs, by replicating plants, factories, or production processes in order to improve their real-time operations, predict failures, and speed up data-based decision-making. This reduces operating and maintenance costs, accelerates innovation by allowing for risk-free scenario simulation, and boosts the adaptability and resilience of business operations in a constantly changing environment.


Enhances the shopping experience of items and products in an interactive, advanced, and agile way, allowing companies in this sector to increase their customer engagement and sales percentages in a market that is constantly changing and evolving.


We tackle the challenge of limited physical interaction, allowing customers to explore, personalize, and experience vehicles in an immersive virtual environment. We expand geographic reach with personalized experiences based on user preferences and reduce costs associated with large physical spaces, all while adapting to the modern expectations of digital consumers.

We’re not a video game, we are a business development and innovation strategy for the future.

Building in METTARIUM means investing in growth, competitiveness, and global success!