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Mettarium Roadmap: Present and Future

Discover the path laid out and future goals in our Mettarium Roadmap. This map is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to lead the metaverse revolution, outlining our vision and the milestones we aim to achieve. Join us on this journey and watch how Mettarium continues to innovate, grow, and redefine the boundaries of mixed reality.

Phase 1: MVP Development

Infrastructure: Development ecosystem.

  • Backend Mettarium

Phase 1: MVP Development

  • Networking: Multi-user.
  • Authentication: User authentication mechanisms.

Phase 1: MVP Development

  • Microsoft Technologies Integration: Incorporate Microsoft-related technologies.
  • Metaverse for Infrastructure: Advanced features tailored for infrastructure.

Phase 2: Incremental Development

  • PC Running: Ensure the metaverse runs smoothly on PCs, providing a fluid and appealing user experience.

Phase 2: Incremental Development

  • UI Integration: Develop an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for service integrations and control handling within the immersion.

Phase 2: Incremental Development

  • Transactional: Explore options to monetize the metaverse through banking transactions.

Phase 3: Stabilization and Initial Deployment

  • Device Adaptability: Develop the metaverse to be accessible from any device, including PCs, smartphones, and VR devices. Offer Mettarium in both High & Lite versions to not limit users to having gaming or business-grade PCs.

Phase 3: Stabilization and Initial Deployment

  • Initial B2B/C Deployment: Deploy the metaverse so that users can begin to explore and utilize it.

Insights de Mettarium


We enhance entertainment spaces so that users can navigate this metaverse and promote an economy.


With our technology, we enable the possibility to build, replicate, and optimize industrial operations in an improved and optimized way.


We enhance the immersion of real life with the virtual, improving and facilitating the way products or services are currently consumed.